Would you or rather, Wood you allow God?

Hey friend. Recently I was sent an interesting picture from my daughter, of a prayer wall she saw at a festival. It was made with planks of wood, nail posts and oversized merchandise tags to house the requests.

My mind went wild…probably more so than usual, as I’ve struggled to find a way to bring prayer into my business. My little clipboard just wasn’t cutting it and this, well, was an answer to prayer.imagejpeg_0 (2)

As a thrifter and under the cover of darkness kind of curbside picker, I wanted to find cheap wood. I envisioned pallets that had been in the sun so they had the weathered look I desired (We are still talking about the wood and not me, right?) I found some behind my husband’s work. So in broad daylight (because he has no shame), he threw them in the truck and I was off to a wonderful start.

The next day, the tedious task of disassembling the pallets began and they were a challenge. The wood planks wanted to hold onto every nail that had meticulously been hammered into place. My pallets were made of oak and they were not giving up without a fight. In some cases when a nail was removed, the wood would split or break. There were even nails that had to be sawed in half to free the plank so it could be reused.

The wall was then assembled using varying parts of the pallets. The leftover nails were hammered onto the front so prayer requests would have a place to hang. This part should have been done last, as it was all I could do not to impale myself onto the nails when I painted the header and scripture reference of Philippians 4:6.

Before: When we think we can't possibly be used by God.

Before: When we think we can’t possibly be used by God.

The really amazing thing throughout this process is how God will speak to you in the quiet times when you’re hands are busy. I was reminded that at times we feel like we’ve been thrown out…questioning what our purpose is.

Sometimes we wait and wait weathering life. Can’t He see that I’m a mess? Then He pulls us from the pile and begins to work on those parts that are broken or damaged. We all too often want to hold onto our “nails” believing them to be what holds us together…those habits, thoughts, attitudes. Some nails are more stubborn to remove than others. Those things we want to hold onto are broken in the process and we start to panic. We see our shattered planks lying around us and we begin to wonder how we’ll ever be used. Then He finds a way to repurpose the damaged parts of our pallet. He takes our circumstances, our brokenness and shattered frames, and when we allow Him, he constructs us into something beautiful and usable for His kingdom. John 15:2 gives us the best picture of that.

Who are these beautiful and usable women? They are the remorseful woman who had an abortion who now counsels others contemplating the same. The abused woman helping other women get to a safe place. The wife of 45 years helping other wives weather their marital storms. The childless woman who fosters parentless children. The addict who finds courage from a now sober addict. The seasoned single mom who’s mentoring about strength and sustainability to a young single mom. These are the pallets who’ve weathered the storm and allowed God to use them.

After: Recognizing God's love allows us to be used by him.

After: Recognizing God’s love allows us to be used by him.

Finally, as I was painting the header and trying to avoid the ill-timed nails, I couldn’t help to think about the nails that Jesus endured at Calvary. My little wall nails are nothing compared to His, but knowing that He took them gladly for us. So as my Prayer Wall now hangs in the front of my business, I’m humbled by the number of request tags that hang there representing those who are broken, hurting and weathering life. He’s so faithful to make us into something usable for His great and wonderful purpose.

Until next time, stay chic.


Philippians 4:6 “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”

John 15:2 “He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful.”


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