Standing in the gap, part 2. Emma’s Inspiration

My oldest son, actually my only son, turned 27 last week. It seems like it was just yesterday that I was in the surgical prep area waiting to have my planned C-Section (we knew he wanted to come out hind end first). I’m just amazed at how quickly the time has flown by as well as why I haven’t been able to lose the 20 pounds I put on as a result of that pregnancy.

Mom always said that time goes by quicker the older you get. Boy ain’t that the truth? As kids we longed to be older, but it took forever to reach 18. Now as adults, it goes too fast. Is it because we recognize the limitations time puts on us or just our haste to get as much out of the day as possible, so we end up missing the essence of it or what’s really important?

For me, I know that my priorities are usually skewed in the wrong direction and my time is focused on living, being a busy entrepreneur, wife, mother, good citizen and everything else that goes into being alive in the 21st century. Technology has allowed for faster processes and those advancements add more things to our plate daily and likewise we feel the need to accomplish more because we think we can. That sounds a bit twisted doesn’t it, but can we really balance things so well that the important things don’t slip away when we’re not looking?

As you may recall, I’ve started praying for a stranger a day. The other day as I was walking through the Walmart parking lot in my haste to get in and out before work, I saw a well dressed, older woman loading her van with packages as her cart rolled into the street. I stopped the cart and returned it to her saying, “Here you go this almost got away from you”. She smiled pleasantly while saying thank you. I of course went on my way. Tug. Stop. “Go back and talk to her” was running through my stomach (never my head…it’s all gut). So I went back and asked her name. Her name was Emma, and I introduced myself to her stating that I pray for a stranger a day and I had chosen her. She smiled again and said, “Thank you. Please pray for my husband. He’s not doing well. His name is Russ.” I said “It would be an honor. Have a blessed day” and I went inside the store.

Emma was busy loading her packages, like many of us–busy with life not noticing that her cart and goods were rolling away. However, as busy as she was, her sacrificial petition of prayer for her husband was foremost in her mind. There was no hesitation nor contemplation on what to ask for—simply a prayer for her husband. How God honoring is that?

While walking away, I truly felt privileged to be able to pray for them both. When had I last asked for prayer for my

A happy day with the Executive, my husband.

A happy day with the Executive, my husband.

husband? Ok, when had I last prayed for him other than, “Lord, change his attitude” or “Lord, let him see things my way”? My prayers always seem to be so one sided, self-motivated and even shallow until recently with this whole praying for a stranger thing. I just never seemed to have the time even with all of the advanced technology—I guess it’s easier to say it wasn’t my priority. I want my prayers for him to be God honoring like Emma’s.

In doing the prayers for a stranger every day, God is teaching me a little at a time about His priorities and helping to shape mine as well. I actually like what comes from it all.

So how are your prayers for a stranger coming?

Until next time, stay chic


Norman Vincent Peale, “Today any successful and competent businessman will employ the latest and best-tested methods in production, distribution, and administration. Many are discovering that one of the greatest of all efficiency methods is prayer power.”

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