So what’s on your plate?

“You are what you eat so – Don’t be fast, easy, cheap or fake.”

I’ve never been much of a cook. I guess that comes from my mom being taught how to cook from my dad. His menus came from the South and included fried green tomatoes, black eyed peas, fried green beans, liver, canned spaghetti and fried chicken (which by the way was my favorite). If it fit into the cast iron skillet, it got fried. I learned what she learned. Yet through it all, I longed to know the ends and outs of how to put delicious things together that would tantalize the most discerning pallet like the cooking shows I enjoyed watching. Sadly, I just never got past boiling water. As of late, all this culinary timidity has been put to rest and here’s how.

I’ve known for some time that God has been nudging me to change my dietary habits. I dropped Coke Zero three years ago from my beverage line-up when my friends called it my Crack Zero because of the insane amount I was drinking daily. Sugar has ever so slowly been creeping out of my daily routine and caffeine altogether took a hike earlier this year. I was then off gluten and anything containing lactose because of the discomfort after the fact. Yet my body still screamed something wasn’t right. That was until I watched several documentaries that answered a lot of my health questions regarding the things I was eating. I could relate my health issues and those of the people I love to our eating habits. Well more so, our meat and dairy intake. This made sense and in just that quick of a second, I became a vegan. There, I’ve said it. Whew, glad that’s out!

I do take a verbal beating routinely from my staff for going vegan. They believe that any day now, I’ll show up for work without make-up (so not happening) with my hair long and loosely braided wearing a tie-dyed something, Birkenstock sandals and greeting everyone with a peace sign and interjecting an occasional “groovy”. Well I sort of do that one now. Cool beans, right?

Beans? Sure, there are lots of them on this plan, but don’t get me wrong. I love a good steak now and again as well as my Chic-fil-A, but somehow going to a plant-based lifestyle just seemed healthier to me. I was immediately reminded of Adam and Eve. From what I can tell they didn’t eat meat while in the garden. Their nutritional intake came from fruits and vegetables. Then one night at dinner, our conversation led to Daniel in the Old Testament when he was presented with the option to eat and drink the king’s food and wine. He declined and asked for vegetables and water as was their custom in Israel. After negotiating with the king’s servant, he was granted 10 days to prove that he and his three friends would be healthier than those of the other boys at the end of the challenge. God was with Daniel and as it turned out, after 10 days the king’s servant recognized the healthier appearance of Daniel and his friends as compared to their counterparts. (Daniel 1:8-15)

I say all this why? Well I’ve decided to add an additional section to this site that caters (pun so intended) to veganism and the simplicity, not complexity of living a plant based life. Keep an eye out for the Vegan Chic (Clean, Healthy, Impactful Choices) found under the “Being Chic” tab. It’s my desire to inspire you to take the challenge of winning your health back and offer encouragement while you do that, provide tasty recipes, let you in on my secret indulgences as we continue to grow in the grace and favor of Christ.

That’s the plan today. As I continue to balance life, I’ll do my best to ‘slice’ out time for you, because I want you to know that since starting my vegan journey, I feel amazing and I’m loving the ability to prepare my meals. There’s something therapeutic about creating something with your hands. I’m not sure where this journey will lead, but I’m continually trusting God to direct my path and open over and refrigerator doors along the way. Want to join me at my table?

Until next time, stay chic


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