More than a wing and a prayer

Last week a small aircraft crashed landed on the side of road not far from my store. Fortunately, no was hurt, but frightening none the less for all involved and those who witnessed it. When I saw the online pictures, it reminded me of a recent dream I’d had. It was one of those early morning dreams that seems to stick with you throughout the day.

In the dream, I was standing outside looking up at the beautiful blue sky when I noticed a small plane fly nearby. In just a quick second, it began to fall from the sky. In the waking world, I’m the wife of a pilot and owner of a flight school, so in the dream, I was trying to read the tail number to make sure it wasn’t my husband. To my relief it wasn’t, but terror still ran cold through my veins. I began crying out to Jesus to not let the plane crash and have its passengers die as the plane continued the free fall to the ground. I could feel my heart aching as I prayed and pleaded to spare the life of those onboard. As quickly as the plane began to fall, its engines roared to life again and with just about 100 feet to spare, the pilot regained control. Whew! It was a terrifying 20 seconds that seemed to go on for a lifetime, and I promptly woke myself up.

Upon shaking off the sleepy fear, as I often do, I began to ask God to help me understand. His gentle nature was to remind me to pray for those who are lost and in need of a Savior. We all have those special someone(s) who have either embraced Jesus at one time and have walked away or those who’ve never heard at all. God’s message was to keep lifting them up in prayer.

How many times have we prayed so fervently for the salvation of someone to what we feel is to no avail? Or have you questioned the eternal destiny of someone who has passed? I once had a conversation with a pastor’s wife about who might be in heaven. Her response was spot on. She said, “I think we’ll be very surprised by who we see there.” My pastor’s wife was reminding me that there are many who come to know Jesus early on whereas others take a bit longer to recognize his sovereignty and yet others at death’s door. My dream pilot was a reminder of the latter group. Timing has no bearing to God. He accepts them all, no matter when and how they come to Him. Our mandate is to continue to pray and to pray without ceasing.

I say all this to offer encouragement if you’ve been praying for someone to what feels like an eternity of no results. I’ve got my own list as well so let’s keep praying. All is not lost. Cling to the scripture and the promise that goes well into generations from now – “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved–you and your household.” Acts 16:31 (NIV)

Isn’t that an amazing promise?!

Keep praying. Don’t lose faith. God hears our prayers and petitions. You will be surprised when you get to heaven.

Until then, stay chic


Loss of power caused plane crash; no injuries for instructor and student

PS: I’ve attached a video clip from one of my favorite gospel singers, Helen Baylor. In the song, “Can You Reach My Friend”, she’s asking God to save her longtime friend. I hope you enjoy it.

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