Awesome, a whole page just about me! This so totally fills my need as an ignored centered child. If you’re a center or middle child, you know the pain of being ignored, forgotten and even left behind. But enough about you, let’s talk about me…

Hi, I’m Vicki Hoyos. I am a woman of faith, a wife, mother, and the owner of Born Again Too Consignments. I formerly worked in Portraithealthcare for 20 years followed by five years in the non-profit arena helping struggling families get to self-sufficiency. This time also offered me the ability to volunteer my time to work with children as well as women struggling with life controlling issues.

Several years ago after opening my business, I started Born Again Chic (SHēk: defined as elegantly and stylishly fashionable). This was a custom furniture painting service for those customers wishing to update their beloved furniture or purchase an unusual painted or crafted item. That aspect of our business then allowed me the opportunity to write the “Your Style” column for the local newspaper.

I love what I do and in the course of my day, I always find myself mentoring, uplifting, and challenging women to be their very best God-given self. As a writer and right-brained individual, it is my prayer that I can impart God’s purpose through my pen or my voice to your heart by encouraging you to work, serve, love and live chic …Born Again Chic.

Until next time, stay chic


PS, Don’t forget to plan ahead and book early to have me speak at your next women’s event. We’ll have a blast! Email me at