Mom always said, “Reading is knowledge and knowledge is power…the power to change yourself and your world.” This page is devoted to sharing inspiring reading materials whether current or time-honored favorites. If you have a suggested book, please mail me at with the words “Book Club” in the subject line. Tell us what you like about your book and what your takeaway is. I’ll do my best to post it here. Can’t wait to read what you have for us.


It took me awhile to read “Made to Crave: Satisfying Your Deepest Desire for God, Not Food”, not because it was a difficult read. Quite the opposite. I personally, wasn’t ready to give up the control food and other items had on my life and what I thought they brought to it. Lysa TerKerust the author, outlined her own struggles with food and how she, and me (us) are made to fill the voids and deficits we have in our lives with the one who gave us life, God. Our value is not on what we put in our mouths or what the scale may say. As she says, “We were made for more than this.” Her presentation is fluid and spot on. In addition, she offers a short soul searching question section at the end of each chapter for your own personal use and awareness. Loved the book and have since passed it along to a friend. Our goal is to keep the message moving forward.


In my journey into being a vegan, I found this book “Plant-Strong” authored by Rip Esselstyn. I’ve seen several of his documentaries as well as the one featuring his father, who was a cardiothoracic surgeon at my beloved Cleveland Clinic. Rip first details more than 30 proven facts on why a plant-based diet prevents major diseases such as diabetes, cancer, heart attacks, etc. He then provides varying sections of family tested and approved recipes. Super informative and delicious!


I found this little gem recently and loved the inspiration it gave me as an entrepreneur and creative. The book Called to Create, A  Biblical Invitation to Create, Innovate, and Risk” by Jordan Raynor points us to our infinitely creative God who has opened the door for us to continue his creative work in no matter our area of expertise albeit entrepreneurs, writers, artists, etc. He guides us through this understanding with stories of creatives such as Chick fil-A, Charity: Water, TOMS Shoes, writers C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien and others, who drew upon their faith to further share their craft, talent and vision as a way to honor God. I love that. Mr. Raynor shares how the work we all do should honor God, serve others and create disciples.

I’ve never read the books or seen the movies “Fifty Shades of Grey” nor do I plan to. However, when I heard Dr. Juli Slattery present her case on why we should NOT at a recent women’s symposium, I knew then that I should read and review her book “Pulling Back the Shades: Erotica, intimacy and the longs of a woman’s heart”. God created us to be spiritual and sexual beings at the same time. The Fifty Shades phenomenon (if you can call it that) exploits the basic longings that women have through erotica. This book provides in a matter of fact approach, a biblical foundation for women on how to achieve the plan that God has for their life as well as heart-wrenching stories of women who have overcome or still struggle with erotica, addictions, poor choices and the scars of sex trafficking. I found it to be eye-opening and stirred my heart to do more to help women understand their value and plan for their life. Will you join me? I’d love to hear your thoughts after you’ve read the book.

PricillFervent prayera Shirer, actress in the popular movie “War Room” puts her words into action with “Fervent: A Woman’s Battle Plan to Specific and Strategic Prayer” as she boldly outlines the enemy’s plan to destroy every area of your life and question your relationshiop with God. Her book helps to equip you with the knowledge and plan for using prayer as your weapon and shield against those attacks. Mrs. Shirer confesses to the reader her own struggles and Godly outcomes to inspire you to take the journey into fervent prayer with a God who desires an intimate and trusting relationship with his children.


Another great read from my friend Susan Barber, “PrayingPryaing for strangers for Strangers: An Adventure in the Human Spirit” by River Jordan. In 2009, Mrs. Jordan felt God was calling for her to pray for a stranger every day, which came on the heels of her two sons deployment overseas. Each chapter represents the journey she took, the strangers she met along the way, and the changes that occurred when prayer happens. Susan, Lis’r and I have all pledged to have our own stranger of the day experiences. It’s motivating, humbling and inspiring as each one of us sets out to stand in the gap for those we encounter along our path. I encourage you to join us.

it is finished

From my dear friend Susan Barber whose recommended reading is from Michelle D. Howe, “It is finished: Coming to the end of you so God can do something new”. She speaks about being inspired by God to continue your goals for Him.. Making it to the finish line! Her book is outlined in race references that helps the reader understand how we start  and the importance of getting to the finish line in order to have a meaningful and purposeful life. 



My latest inspiration book was the one that got me out of the “What am I supposed to be doing? What if I fail? TD jakes bookHow am I equipped to do this?” mindset, and onto the laptop to start this site. It was the T.D. Jakes “Destiny, Step into Your Purpose” book. I’ve always liked his “Get ready, get ready. get ready” mantra. He takes the reader step by step through the process of understanding why you are here, what God has planned, how experiences are part of your destiny, the need for Godly mentor(s) and thus pushing yourself into your destiny…no more excuses. By the end, I was pumped, determined and felt like I was about to do what God had intended. I’ve since given copies to friends who’ve needed the push. -V