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It’s in the bag

Sometime your bag is just too full. Photo by: Abi Andujar

Sometimes your bag is just too full; hence the frowny face. Photo by: Abi Andujar

Well we made it. Another season of holiday travel is upon us. I’ve just returned with the family from a Thanksgiving in Iowa (burr…Florida girl in the snowy mid-west. Crazy, right? It was actually delightful.) So all this travel makes me wonder… Have you noticed how much carry-on luggage people bring since the airlines have changed their checked baggage protocols and fees? In one form or another, you can see passengers with rolling carry-on bags, backpacks, satchels, and in some cases a large purse. (For me, I know this personally because the older I get the more facial creams and hair products I need to pack just to get out the door.) Read the rest of this entry »