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Gingerbread Cookies

Since my daughter’s return home from college for the holidays, our house has been filled with the sounds and smells of Christmas. Thank you, Lord that you brought my cook, baker and housekeeper home. Haha. No really, she is.

Both she and I admit that our favorite genre of music is Christmas, and that baking this time of year does something magical around the house. It also does unkind things to the waistline, but then again on a positive note, it helps reaffirm goals and resolutions for the New Year.

As new vegans, we were a bit concerned about how we were going to bake this year; however, the baking choices are amazing. I love creative people and the internet is chock full of them. Here’s Olivia’s recipe discovery this week of Vegan Gingerbread Cookies. The recipe can be found on Pinterest

Cute in a “Land of Misfit Toys” kinda way.

Our end product is not as pretty as those pictured on the actual site, but are very cute in a homemade way. I liken it to the Amish (I think it’s them) who when creating their wonderful quilts, intentionally create a flaw in the stitching. They acknowledge that the only thing perfect is God. As a reformed perfectionist, this has become my mantra when painting, writing and now baking. It really takes a lot of pressure off.

That being said, don’t add more to your plate than you need to this Christmas, but if you have a chance to bake, I’d love for you to consider these little gems. Super easy, fun and tasty.

Until next time, stay chic and Merry Christmas