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So what’s on your plate?

“You are what you eat so – Don’t be fast, easy, cheap or fake.”

I’ve never been much of a cook. I guess that comes from my mom being taught how to cook from my dad. His menus came from the South and included fried green tomatoes, black eyed peas, fried green beans, liver, canned spaghetti and fried chicken (which by the way was my favorite). If it fit into the cast iron skillet, it got fried. I learned what she learned. Yet through it all, I longed to know the ends and outs of how to put delicious things together that would tantalize the most discerning pallet like the cooking shows I enjoyed watching. Sadly, I just never got past boiling water. As of late, all this culinary timidity has been put to rest and here’s how. Read the rest of this entry »