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When the crown slips

Sometimes I wish that when I was younger I had taken up either ballet or gymnastics. I say that because on many occasions I now find myself less than graceful. I’m familiar with the question, “Did you have a nice trip, Grace?” I’ve been known to walk into parking meters, miss the final step on a staircase, have my ankles buckle while walking in heels, and realize a rolling chair had wheeled itself away once I fell to the floor. All this coming from the girl who used to ride her pink bike by standing on one foot atop the banana seat. Not sure what happened since. (head scratch)

Recently I had another unsanctioned attempt at gymnastics. My petite self was carrying one end of a sofa while my 6’2” male employee carried the other at what I’ve deemed an “unnatural” height. We made it out of the receiving area; however, as we made entrance into the showroom I asked if we could pause for a moment so I could regroup. As I began to put the sofa back to floor, I hadn’t taken into account the leather tufted turtle ottoman immediately to my right. There began my twisting and turning as I fought to keep my feet under me without losing the sofa. In what I’ve been told was slow motion, I was able to save the sofa (Yay, I think), but fall wrenched in pain onto another sofa nearby. Read the rest of this entry »

It’s in the bag

Sometime your bag is just too full. Photo by: Abi Andujar

Sometimes your bag is just too full; hence the frowny face. Photo by: Abi Andujar

Well we made it. Another season of holiday travel is upon us. I’ve just returned with the family from a Thanksgiving in Iowa (burr…Florida girl in the snowy mid-west. Crazy, right? It was actually delightful.) So all this travel makes me wonder… Have you noticed how much carry-on luggage people bring since the airlines have changed their checked baggage protocols and fees? In one form or another, you can see passengers with rolling carry-on bags, backpacks, satchels, and in some cases a large purse. (For me, I know this personally because the older I get the more facial creams and hair products I need to pack just to get out the door.) Read the rest of this entry »