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Would you or rather, Wood you allow God?

Hey friend. Recently I was sent an interesting picture from my daughter, of a prayer wall she saw at a festival. It was made with planks of wood, nail posts and oversized merchandise tags to house the requests.

My mind went wild…probably more so than usual, as I’ve struggled to find a way to bring prayer into my business. My little clipboard just wasn’t cutting it and this, well, was an answer to prayer.imagejpeg_0 (2)

As a thrifter and under the cover of darkness kind of curbside picker, I wanted to find cheap wood. I envisioned pallets that had been in the sun so they had the weathered look I desired (We are still talking about the wood and not me, right?) I found some behind my husband’s work. So in broad daylight (because he has no shame), he threw them in the truck and I was off to a wonderful start.
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