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My friend, Christopher

It’s funny how God works. Just the other day I got majorly blessed. Don’t get me wrong, God blesses me every day and I work hard to recognize those blessings everywhere I step, in every situation and in every breath, but that Thursday He met me right where I was at. Let me explain.

I was working alone in my store when I noticed a man ride his bicycle up to the front door. He was casually dressed and clean. He came inside and said that he’d been trying numerous places to get his 250 pennies changed into dollar bills and large coins, but no one would take the pennies without them being rolled. I told him I’d take them unrolled and he enthusiastically went to his bike to retrieve the bag of coins. I in turn handed him $3. Now I can count and know that 250 pennies doesn’t equal $3. I just felt that it was what I needed to do. I guess the man wondered how good my math skills were as well because shockingly he said, “You gave me $3!” “Yes, I know”, I replied. To which this nice man I’ve never met said, “Can I pray for you?” Really? This man who had so little, gave all that he had at that moment and it was Jesus. We then prayed and he thanked God for His provision and the extra $.50 cents he was now blessed with. He asked God to bless me as well.

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Standing in the gap

My friend and Bible study hostess, Susan (pronounced Shoe-Shawn you know by now that I give everyone a new pronunciation) lent me a book recently titled “Praying for Strangers, An Adventure of the Human Spirit” by River Jordan. (What a great name.) Susan told us about the author’s resolution to pray for a stranger a day in 2009 on the heels of her two sons’ deployment overseas. Each chapter is dedicated to a specific story of prayer. Susan herself was inspired by the book and took on her own resolution—four months running. She tells us every week about her various ‘stranger of the day’ stories and keeps a journal so she can pray 3

Intrigued by Susan’s new found mission, I asked for the book and immediately enjoyed reading the stories River encountered willingly and unwillingly, yet all are filled with God’s hand. I wanted in, and as my mom would say, “Be careful what you ask for because you must might get it.” Read the rest of this entry »

What do you see?

I received a text the other day from Lis’r (Lisa my gal pal) who wanted to see if I could decipher the signature on a piece of framed art. (We do this kind of trade off of expertise and visual impairments on a regular basis.) The messaging went back and forth for a while about whether to buy it to sell it, original oil vs. print, size, sending a full picture, etc. all the while not really sure where the conversation was going. As it turned out, it was a painting by W. Amion of two very beautiful and vibrant painted parrots. She found it at the local thrift store on their Wednesday 50% off art sale. Can you guess how much she paid? Anyone? She paid $7. Yes, $7! Who does that?! We later found it on the internet for upwards of $500.

Original painting by artist W. Amion

Original painting by artist W. Amion

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